11 Oct

This touched my heart …


Each year, more babies are born with HIV in one busy clinic in Africa than in the United States, Canada and England combined.  This is because treatment to prevent HIV infection of newborns in the developed world has essentially eradicated mother-to-child transmission of the virus.

While similarly potent clinical solutions are increasingly becoming available in Africa, the impact and effectiveness for HIV-positive mothers is less successful without complementary social, emotional and psychological support.

mothers2mothers is an innovative mentoring program offering comprehensive support for HIV-positive pregnant women and new mothers.

Sub-Saharan Africa shows the highest statistics of mothers and babies infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Worldwide, 1% of pregnant women are HIV-positive, 95% of these women live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Without care, about 24% of mothers transmit the virus to their newborns, and each year about 3 million of these children will die from HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.

But preventing the transmission of HIV from a mother to a child is a straightforward medical procedure. Its simplest application, a single dose of medication to a mother during labor and a dose to her infant shortly after birth, can cut transmission risk nearly in half.


Learn more about m2m and how you can help by clicking HERE.


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