How did I win this amazing life changing opportunity to travel Around the World for 80 Days?

I have LG ELECTRONICS to thank and of course all of YOU for voting for me!

Last February, I was checking my email, and for the first time in my life, I clicked on an advertisement.  At the time I was writing a series of books for children about sailing around the world, so the ad caught my attention.  The LG logo made me feel it was legit and  I am so glad I clicked!  LG Electronics asked people to submit a video entry on what they would do to LIVE BORDERLESS.  The campaign marked the launch of LG’s SL90 LIVE BORDERLESS, flat screen LED LCD TVs that use new technology to reduce the screen surround or bezel, and use an edge-to-edge glass panel.

There were thousands of entries from all over the world, some wonderful, some wacky, and I decided right then and there I would try my best to win!   I drove my dear friend Shawna crazy as I bounced around a million ideas for my video.  The contest deadline was approaching to submit your entry and on the last day I still had not made my video… and then it came to me… I want to put a SMILE on as many faces as I can.  Racing against the countdown clock,  and a poor internet connection, I uploaded my video “Smile” with 9 minutes to spare!  A day later, to my surprise, I received an email saying I made the top 20!!!

Check out LG’s contest homepage to see the top 20 video entries:

After 10 days of grueling campaigning (and shameless begging), I was thrilled to have made the TOP 6, along with Leah Harakopoulus from the UK, Robert Stephanicki from Poland, and from the USA were Cameron Ashkar, Ryan Hughes and Steven Lee.  We were flown to Dubai for a whirlwind weekend of judging. With the cameras rolling, we took personality tests, had a mystery food tasting, played a language match up test and went through media training.  We were even live on Virgin radio with D.J’s Kris Fade and Brent Black.  It was wonderful to meet the other contestants and we bonded at the Vanilla Ice concert on the beach that night at our hotel! Only in Dubai…

The next morning, with butterflies in my stomach, it was off to a press conference and the final judging.  We sat in front of three judges, the President of LG Electronics Gulf, Mr. H. S. Paik; and Virgin radio D.J.s, Kris Fade and Chad Manes.

They asked us a few questions and then after tallying our scores from the whole weekend, they announced the winner!

Thanks LG!

Follow my trip around the world!  Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions and invitations!

Hope to see you on my 80 day adventure!

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One Response to “LIVE BORDERLESS”

  1. Spud September 13, 2010 at 15:11 #

    Go Yaz Go!! You are inspriation to me and a smile is what makes the world go round. I have a game I play as I walk and look around I noticed a sad looked faced as they glance at me my goal is to see if I can change the frownt o be upside down. Inmore cases than not… I have made them smile and it may take one moment at a time or 80 days for you… All the bes Yaz and we are all very proud of you to, “make that change”!

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